Page 6 - SaMASZ - Rotary Tedders
P. 6
Mechanical transport lock
Hydraulic cylinder
• simultanous fold-down, even on slopes • innovative design of cylinder’s piston
in P6-651 and P6-771
Warning plates with road lights
• Oil operating gearbox • low noise operation
• maintenance-free use
Trailed hitch
• smooth adjustment of working height by means of hydraulic cylinder
• quick and easy attachment to the tractor
Damping braces
• stabilize the machine during operation
Adjustable driving chassis
• high range spreading angle • stability on wet  elds
Gearbox cover
• prevents grass winding
Tine arm
• round pro le extends tine’s life • ideal ground following ensures
uniform material spread
• made of High Dynamic spring wire
• 4 coils for better  exibility
• special tine-mount for greater stability • 2 approach angles
Tine loss protection
• prevents unexpected loss of tines
Oil-operating gearbox
• Cardan joints, with easy access grease points, ensure constant power transfer between the rotors
• low-noise operation
• as part of mainframe - decreased total
weight of the machine

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